Getting Started With Vonjour

Welcome to Vonjour! We designed the system to be simple to configure! This guide includes everything you need to get started with your account.

Activate Your Extension

The first thing you’ll want to do is activate your extension. To activate your extension, you need to do two quick things:

Assign Extension

First, make sure you have assigned yourself an extension number. You’ll see that in the example below, Paul is set to Ext. 704. In your own profile page, make sure that you have been assigned an extension number.


Set Call Forwarding Numbers

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you have set your forwarding number(s). To do so you’ll click on the “ADD A NUMBER” button on your profile page and enter your the number(s) you would like Vonjour to forward calls to. 


Ring Options

Next, you’ll see options of how you would like Vonjour to call multiple forwarding numbers in the Ring Options section.


By setting Ring all, Vonjour will call all your forwarding numbers simultaneously. By selecting Custom Order, you can set the sequence that you would like Vonjour to call your numbers. Simply drag and sort the numbers in your call queue to reflect the sequence you would like us to forward calls.

Call Forwarding Schedule

When configuring your extension, you’ll see the Ring Schedule option. By default, your forwarding schedule it is set to 24/7. If you don’t want to receive calls 24 hours a day, you can set your own schedule by setting 24 hour forwarding to off. Vonjour will then set your schedule 9-5 throughout the week. To further customize, simply click on the days that you would like to change your schedule and adjust the time range that you will be available to take calls. Next, click save time slot. In the example below, Paul has changed his forwarding schedule on Monday-Friday to be set to 9 AM to 7 PM. The days that he is customizing appear in blue.


Call forwarding schedules can be changed at any time. Any calls made to your number outside of these hours will go directly to voicemail.

Call Screening

Next, Vonjour provides you with two options of screening calls.


Screen Call (default): Calls will be announced when you pick up. When a call comes in you can accept the call or send the call to voicemail. If you don’t answer, the call either rolls over to the next number in queue or goes to voicemail.

Direct Connect: Calls will connect to you as soon as you pick up. Direct Connect sends the call directly to the forwarding phone number without screening the call.

Create Voicemail

Once you have activated your extension, you can create a voicemail greeting. Click User Greeting button on the top right hand corner of your extension page.

By default, Vonjour plays a pre-recorded message any time a caller hits your voicemail box. To record a custom voicemail greeting for your extension, you have the option of recording over phone or by uploading a sound file. 


Uploading a Sound File

Uploading an audio file is both super simple and very straightforward! Just click on UPLOAD and you’ll be on your way.

Greetings Over the Phone

Recording voicemail greetings over the phone is simple. Just click Record Via phone and enter your phone number. 


A message will appear on your screen letting you know that you are receiving a call from Vonjour to set your voicemail greeting.


Once you receive the call, you will be given instructions on recording your voice message. When you are done recording your new message, simply hang up. You can listen to your new message on your Greetings page.


Adding Members of Your Team

From the users section, you can add new members of your team to your organization and assign them an extension. Simply click on the +Create New User button and add the user’s information. Only the name and email address are required.


Creating Department Call Groups

Now that you have activated your user extension, it’s time to add your team members to a department. When you visit your department page, you will click Create New.


Simply enter the name of the department, the extension that number, and select the users you would like to add to the department call queue. In the example below, we have created a call group called Y Combinator, at extension 5, which includes Sam Altman, Paul B and Paul G.


Once you add users and click Create Department, you will then be able to further customize your department call queues.

Vonjour takes the forwarding numbers from each user and adds them to the department. In the example below, you will see that Paul Graham has two forwarding numbers in the call queue.


You can further customize your department call queues by creating a department voicemail and scheduling your department’s availability.

Note: Each time you create a new department, you should update your main greeting to instruct callers how to connect with that department.


Main and After Hour Greetings

Your main greeting is the first thing a caller hears when they call your Vonjour number. It should provide instructions on how to connect to the department and user extensions within your organization. Here is a guide to creating a main greeting.

Your main greeting is played within the hours of operations. To change the hours of operation, click on change schedule.image

By default the scheduler is set to 24 hours, which means the main greeting will be played 24/7. To customize your scheduler, turn 24 hours off and set the days and hours you would like to be available. In the example below, the organization would play the main greeting M-F from 9 AM to 9 PM.


Your after hours message will be played outside of your main greeting schedule.

Accessing Voicemail Messages

Accessing your Vonjour voicemail messages is easy. Vonjour sends notifications of new voicemail to your email. In addition, all voice messages are accessible on your Vonjour dashboard.


From your messages page Vonjour displays messages from all of the extensions you belong to. Clicking on a filter will allow you to see the messages left for one your extensions that you belong to.

Tagging and Assigning Phone Calls/Voice Messages

When you miss a call, Vonjour allows you to set a follow up action to make sure you or your team members respond back to your callers in a timely and intelligent manner.

Vonjour allows you to assign a call to yourself or a colleague and also provide a note to provide instructions on how to best approach the follow up call.

Here’s an example of how to tag and assign calls.

And that’s it! All you need to do to get going is set up your extensions, add numbers for Vonjour to forward calls to, then invite users to join your account. It could not be more simple!

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